Sipisode 4: Wine Fundamentals Series - Wine Handling and Storage

Sipisode 4: Wine Fundamentals Series - Wine Handling and Storage

Welcome to our 4th Sipisode! We are taking a look at opening, storing, and pouring wines.

These are some wine basics that are good rules of thumb for opening wine, little tricks to pouring wine, and choosing where to keep your wine to protect it as you hold onto it for a later date. Our goal with these Sipisodes is to demystify the nuances of wine and enhance your experience while drinking and enjoying wine. 

In this episode we have tips for the easiest way to open a bottle of wine, the best way to pour without getting drips everywhere, and even how to properly pour sparkling wines. 

Then we move onto to discuss how to best keep wines fresh after you've opened the bottle. And our top tips for where to store your wines in your home while you're waiting to drink them, no fancy cellars or wine fridges required. 

So grab a glass of your favorite wine and join us for this mini episode packed full of useful tips. 



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