Episode 48: Interview with Matt Brady of SAMsARA Wines

Episode 48: Interview with Matt Brady of SAMsARA Wines

In this episode we interview our friend Matt Brady who is the head winemaker for SAMsARA Winery in Santa Barbara. 

Matt brings us his authentic story of discovering what wine means to him and how it turned into a lifelong career.  From starting out falling in love with wine while attending college at UC Santa Barbara to becoming a head winemaker and all that goes along with that role.

In this episode we talk about wine and community and how to navigate a career in a small wine region. What it really means to have the title of head winemaker. And of course we discuss some of the delicious wines Matt is making with his team at SAMsARA.

Matt showcases some of his Chardonnay's, one of the only white wines that SAMsARA produces and believe us we get in depth as to why he gravitated towards Chardonnay and why their style of wine is different than you may expect. We also get an importu virtual tank tasting of a brand new vintage of Chardonnay that's not in bottle yet and discuss some of the more experimental practices they are testing out on their wines and how they're working. 

Get a glimpse into a small winery that cares about its employees as much as the quality wines it produces.  Grab a glass of your favorite Chardonnay and join us. Cheers!

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