Hey Wine Lover! We're Allie and Julie

We’re wine nerds. We are also both Santa Barbara natives that have spent a combined 24 years in the wine industry. Time which has not only taught us about wine, but that also showed us that there was something missing. We realized there were a lot of people out there who truly wanted to learn about wine, but they were intimidated. Intimidated by a culture and an industry that seems impenetrable unless you already know what you’re talking about. And trust us, we’ve been there. We’ve been surrounded by the wine snobs who use the big words and the wine owners who flaunt their cellars and impressive labels. And don’t get us wrong, we’ve been known to use a big word or two ourselves. But our goal here is to make wine fun, simple, accessible, and unpretentious to everyone and anyone who is interested.


At Crush It Wine Education we teach virtual classes, host in person events, have a wine podcast, organize private events and team building activities, and consult with local restaurants on their wine offerings.



Allie grew up in the wine industry and with a family that enjoyed drinking about talking about wine. She has been working in the wine industry since the age of 21. She spent most of her time working and managing tasting rooms in the Santa Barbara area to running wine clubs.

Allie also makes wine with a group of friends, organizes local tasting groups and is a sommelier. In addition to running Crush It Wine Education she also works as an events manager and wine buyer for a specialty shop in downtown Santa Barbara.


Julie began to be interested in wine in her early 20s and embarked on a journey to learn as much as possible. From picking the brains of wine shop employees and tasting room staff to trying as many different wines as she could get her hands on. She then started working in tasting rooms herself and finally went to Switzerland to get her degree in Viticulture and Enology.

Julie has since worked harvest at different wineries around the world for the past decade. She is a winemaker in her own right and is a sommelier. She also worked as a wine buyer at a very busy restaurant and wine shop in the Santa Ynez Valley for many years.

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