Crush It Wine Education

Crush It Wine Education was created by two friends from the wine world who wanted to make sure there was accessible, modern, and fun wine education available to everyone! You don't need to be a sommelier or wine industry professional to learn about and enjoy wine. Through our classes, Wine Society, online wine shop, podcast and more our goal is to build confidence and have fun!

A Wine Education Membership

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Crush It Wine Society is an online wine club membership and so much more. Members receive 3 bottles every other month, custom live classes to go with the theme of that month's bottles, special discounted pricing, free monthly extras and more!

Changed the Way I Enjoy Wine

Having the opportunity to taste wines I’ve never even heard of was so, so awesome! And they were all delicious! These classes have really taught me so much, and they’ve changed the way I purchase and enjoy wine!

- Mallory G.
Wine Society Member

Easy and Fun!

You make wine fun and easy. And your taste in food pairings is also amazing. I love humble, passionate, fun people - you both have those qualities plus lots of other amazing things!

-Tanya C.

Wine Society Member

Impress Your Friends

I was just explaining to another friend of mine how they get the bubbles in sparkling wine. And she asked me how I knew all of that and I realized it's all from your classes!

- Jennifer Y.

Wine Society Memeber

Crush It Wine Education

Wine Style Quiz

If you're looking to branch out from your old standby wines but still want to make sure you find a wine you'll like take our quiz! In just a few quick questions we'll figure out your personal wine style and make suggestions for some new wines to look out for.


We know there is A LOT to learn when it comes to wine, we're still learning new things everyday. But we also know that wine doesn't need to be scary or intimidating. We'll help you decipher the world of wine and learn how to find and ask for what you like.

An Intro to Wine Tasting Course

Wine Is For Everyone

This is Crush It's quick course to begin your wine education journey and build confidence