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Welcome to CrushCast from Crush It Wine Education! This is the podcast for the wine curious. Whether you're a total novice that wants to learn how to understand the often intimidating world of wine or a seasoned pro that wants to brush up on your knowledge, we’ve got you covered. Our goal with our business and this podcast is to make wine and wine education accessible, interesting, and fun! So grab a glass and join us! 

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We're so excited to have you join us on our podcast journey. It's been a long time coming and we're still learning as we go but we really wanted to create a way to provide everyone with free, fun, and interesting wine content. Because like we always say, wine is for everyone. And we want you to be able to sip and learn along side of us no matter your budget. New episodes are released every other Wednesday. If you enjoy this podcast please, please take a moment to rate , review and subscribe on Apple Podcasts. I know that's the line said in every podcast. But you have no idea how much of a difference it can make to our show and to our small, women-owned business. And if you do have a little extra money to contribute - check out our Patreon and help us keep the podcasts coming and the wine flowing!


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CrushCast is an entirely indepent podcast. We love making this content but it does come at a cost. If you're able to donate and like the show please consider joining out Patreon. As little as $5 a month makes a huge difference to us. Plus, all Patreon levels get a very fun, special bonus episode every month. Cheers!