Sipisode 3: Wine Fundamentals Series - Wine Tasting Tips

Sipisode 3: Wine Fundamentals Series - Wine Tasting Tips

In this Sipisode we cover our tried and true tasting tips. Whether you are an experienced learner or new to wine there is always time to learn something new or brush up on the basics. 

We each sip on a tasty light-bodied red to help demonstrate the 4 steps of wine tasting. With just a few tricks up your sleeve, you will be on your way to better understanding what things you like about wine and its many styles. 

What are the basic steps to wine tasting you ask? Step 1 is look, here you want to check out a few things, the most important of which are color and clarity. These can give you clues to how the wine is made, and in a blind tasting scenario, a clue to the type of wine you're tasting. Step 2 is smell, this one might seem a little intimidating but if you start with broad categories and try to narrow down from there you are well on your way to becoming a pro wine taster. Step 3 is everyone's favorite, tasting. Here you want to think about the flavors you're tasting but even more importantly you want to focus on feelings, things like body, tannin, alcohol and acidity. And finally, step 4, is conclusion, AKA what did you think about the wine. Remember wine is totally subjective so there are no wrong answers here. 

We're getting into all of these steps in detail in this episode so grab a glass and join us to learn to taste wine like a pro! 


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