Wine Courses, Challenges and Resources

Taste to Learn Wine Checklist

Check out this FREE resource to kick start your wine journey. We firmly believe the only real way to learn about wine is to taste it and this guide will walk you through all the basic wines styles to keep you from feeling overwhelmed.

Seasonal Wine Guide

This is your go-to calendar to drink with the seasons. If you're looking for a way to break out of your wine shell and start experimenting with some other wines then this guide is for you. You can learn how to drink with the seasons and what the seasonal changes mean for wine production.

WineExplorer Challenge

Our wine explorer challenge guides you on your very own wine adventure. With each task on this challenge you will not only learn the fundamentals of wine and but also put your new knowledge to the test with fun and interactive adventures to compelete along the way .

Looking For More?

Join Crush It Wine Society

One of the best ways to continue your wine journey is with our wine society membership. This is more than just a wine club. Each release is focused on a new theme. We explore different varieties, regions and styles of wine every time and the membership includes 3 bottles of wine so you can taste along with us and a virtual wine class to get the most out of what you're drinking.