2020 Marenco Brachetto D'Acqua

This wine is one of our favorites in this year’s 12 days calendar. This frizzante (lightly sparkling) red wine is best served chilled and would be great on its own or sampled during your holiday dinner. 

Made in a handful of wine regions across the globe, red sparkling wine ranges from delicately sweet to bone dry. While styles vary by region, red sparkling wine production methods are often the decision of the winemaker.

Marenco Winery

Let’s talk about the winery. Marenco's history dates back to the beginning of the 1900s -- to their grandfather Michele’s dream of planting a vineyard in the heart of the Bagnario Valley, Strevi, an area especially suitable for planting wine grapes. Michele's son, Giuseppe, then took over the company gradually acquiring the best land of the Monferrato and choosing the most typical grape varieties to plant.

After the war, Giuseppe built his winery in the Peimonte region at the center of the village of Strevi; this location allowed him to be near the train station so that he could send his wines directly to his customers. His smart business sense and passion for winemaking was passed onto the entire family; today, his daughters , Michaela (with her husband Dr. Giovanni Costa), Patrizia, and Doretta carry on "the family dream" with Giuseppe's same enthusiasm and dedication. They personally supervise and control every step of the production process, all the way from grape to glass.


What is Brachetto? Despite being a light-bodied, low-alcohol (typically around 5 percent) wine, Brachetto is highly aromatic. Red and black raspberries, wild strawberries and rose petals are terms frequently used to describe the profound scent. The wine is best consumed in its youth, and is typically served slightly chilled, often with fresh fruit.

Brachetto is not normally blended with other grape varieties and, in Acqui, 100 % Brachetto grapes must be used. It is produced by macerating the must with the grape skins for approximately two days, during which time the characteristic ruby pigment leaches out. After fermentation, the wine is aged in bottle for three months or more, then released to the public.

There is a certain degree of romance associated with Brachetto wines, which is exploited in the marketing of them. It is often touted as lovers’ wine and routinely features in Valentine’s Day sales.

One of the more romantic stories about Brachetto is that it was the wine Marc Antony and Julius Caesar presented to Cleopatra in their attempts to win her favor. The queen, so the story goes, found the wine unleashed her passions.

2020 Marenco Brachetto D'Acqua

This delicate ruby red, lightly sweet and sparkling wine has subtle aromas of roses and raspberries, typical of the Brachetto grape. Perfect with strawberries, red fruit, fruit salad, all kinds of desserts or just great to relax with anytime. Ideal in the preparation of cocktails and refreshing, thirst-quenching drinks. Though can just as easily pair wine roasted meats like chicken, and pork.