2020 La Scolca Gavi White

We are wrapping up our 2022 calendar with a truly fun and refreshing wine! Remember no matter what order you drink them, have fun and get to know all of these unique wines. 


Gavi was Italy's first white wine to gain international recognition and is still considered one of the top-ranking Italian whites today. The Cortese grape has been part of Italian viticulture for centuries and is considered one of the finest white wine grapes from Piedmont.  Documentation from local vineyards shows evidence of its plantings dating back to 1659. Its current mode of production dates back to 1876 and reflects its terroir wonderfully. The grape has thin skins and naturally high acidity, which is nicely balanced by the warm, sunny climate where they’re grown. 

It is noted for its bone-dry character and crisp, flinty and fresh acidity, coming from the mineral-rich soils of the area. The bouquet is particularly floral, offering delicate aromas reminiscent of white flowers, lemons, green apples and honeydew. Some also finish with a hint of almond.

La Scolca Winery

The La Scolca estate was purchased in 1919 by the great-grandfather of Giorgio Soldati who, today, leads the company with his daughter Chiara. The surname Soldati “soldiers” is particularly symbolic for the approach taken by the company’s owners. The name of the property, as well, is symbolic. La Scolca brand comes from “Sfurca” or “Look off into the distance” and the farmhouse that stood there was exactly that: a lookout post. These names are known to reflect the proud and tenacious character of the owners and their wines.

For being over a century old, their winery is very modern. They use the technique of cold vinification which keeps the berry qualities unaltered and of 100% of the aromas remain intact.

Moreover, the system allows them to retain the origin of the grapes coming from different vineyards, of different ages (from 5 to 60 years old), keeping them separated with a computerized that controls. This way they can offer a wide range of products with different intensities and aromas. What that basically means is that they can use technology to keep the grapes original quality instead of altering them. 

2020 La Scolca Gavi White

Bright expressive nose, with notes of citrus, melon and a hint of spice. The palate is light and dry, the spice comes through the flavors of green apple and white peach. These wines are so fun because they are so unique and well balanced. They pair well with antipasti, fish and seafood. Unrivaled with oysters, but an excellent choice to compliment  white meat and vegetable dishes.