Episode 52: The Island of Sardinia and It's Links to Longevity

Episode 52: The Island of Sardinia and It's Links to Longevity

We have started off the summer with a little island hopping of our own. In this episode, we are checking out the Italian island of Sardinia and the variety of wines that are made there. 

Pop Some Bottles:

2022 Antonella Corda Vermentino Di Sardegna

We sip one of their most planted varieties Vermentino and discuss its long and short history with winemaking.

Sardinia Background: 

Sardinia, is 150 miles off the west coast of mainland Italy, is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Covering roughly 9300 square miles, it is almost three times the size of French-owned Corsica, its immediate neighbor to the north, and only marginally smaller than Italy's other major island, Sicily.

Since the mid-18th Century, Sardinia has been one of Italy's five autonomous regions (the others being Sicily, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Trentino-Alto Adige and the Aosta Valley), but its separation from the mainland has led to a culture and identity somewhat removed from the Italian mainstream. This is reflected in the Sardinian relationship with wine - it is much less culturally and historically engrained there than in the mainland regions.

Wine production and consumption on any scale has developed only in the past few centuries. Viticulture is a minority enterprise in Sardinia, despite generous financial incentives from the government.

In this episode we go more into more detail about the different regions and varieties that are grown on this island. 

We also talk about Blue Zones aka places where people live the longest and how wine can promote health. We take on self-care, community, and living better. According to the experts, grab a glass of Grenache and join us! Salute!


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