Episode 50: Celebration Clipisode

Episode 50: Celebration Clipisode

For our official 50th episode were popping some fancy Champagne and taking a listen back at some of our favorite moments from the podcast. 

Pop Some Bottles: 

NV Pascal Mazet Nature - Zero Dosage Champagne (Photo from the Source Imports

It's not a celebration until you open some bubbles! For our 50th episode we found a bottle of Grower Champagne to mark the occasion. 

We also took a deep dive into our archives to pull out some of our early gems and some of our more recent laughable moments.

Clips include, fittingly, a lesson on grower Champagne from our first episode ever. Can you sense a theme? Also a revisit of everyone's favorite phallic wine bottle, some information on Biodynamics, thoughts on what sets Santa Barbara Wine Country apart and of course some history. 

Even though we have always had a delightful blend of education and humor, we have come very far when it comes to how we sound.  Thank you all for listening to the pod, and our Patreons that keep us going. Pop a bottle and join us to celebrate!


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