Episode 11: Haunted Wineries

Episode 11: Haunted Wineries

Happy Spooky Halloween! Did you know that many wineries claim to be haunted? We hope to 'Piquette' your interest with a horror-themed wine and some spooky tales from across the US. We found out what a retirement home, a hospital, a morgue, and a cemetery have in common. While Allie tells you the tale an insane tale of Agoston Haraszthy and just how much life someone can live before their untimely death. Grab a glass of something spooky and join us! 

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Final Girl Piquette of Syrah
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Belvoir Winery, Liberty Missouri
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Bartolomew Park Winery
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Buena Vista Castle from 1883 at Bartholomew Park
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Buena Vista Winery Tasting Room
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Agoston Haraszthy

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